Debra-mLive from the joy and excitement that you once had as a little girl.

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Providing Energetic Healing with
Colour Mirrors Services

Accessing your Core Essence with Colour Mirrors - $60.00
This is a One Hour session. You will select between 6- 8 Colour Mirrors bottles. We will then dive into the meaning of each bottle and how to implement the guidance the bottles provide. Before and after pictures will be taken – your face will show you the transformation that is taking place.

Mini Colour Mirrors Reading - $30.00
The intent of this session is give you a taste of how profound the Colour Mirrors system is. You will select one bottle regarding a specific issue. We will discover the message the bottle has for you.


When you are ready for powerful change, you are drawn to the Colour Mirrors System

The Colour Mirrors system is remarkable as the oil and essences are able to penetrate the deepest oldest patterns. Coupled with the precision with which I work, I am able to energetically to help you heal your patterns and remove blockages that support you in making the shifts you have waited for.


“I guarantee after a session you will feel pampered, a loving light energy
flooding your body and have a new knowing of well-being
in your body, mind and spirit.”
Debra Hubers Paradis


Debra is a fully trained healer and teacher with over 30 years of experience and advanced training in over 30 energy modalities, including integrating Evolutionary Vibrational Remedies in my session. In October 2015 I completed my training and I am now certified as the first Colour Mirrors Practitioner in California.

During a session I incorporate the following powerful tools and modalities; NLP, Reiki, Metamorphosis, Quantum Touch, BioGenesis healing tools, Violet Flame, Star Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Color Therapy along with the angels & fairies.

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