"Dance with your heart, and your feet will follow" -Talia Soleil

Talia Soleil 


AND Feel the joy of dance today! 

We are the area's premier studio for Adult, Teen and Children's Classes. Why do we mention Adults and Teens first? Because Red Door Dance Studio's primary focus is the Adult and Teen Learner. There are plenty of children's studios around, and we surely love kids... but we want YOU to have your own playground. A place for you to escape and enjoy your own tribe.

Red Door Dance Studio's owner, Talia Soleil, opened Brentwood's first dance and fitness studio for adults in 1987, and has since been teaching the areas teen and adult population.

We have experienced, trained, and professional instructors with awards and certifications behind them, an understanding of different learning styles, and the desire to share our information.

We welcome you to step through those Red Doors and feel welcome, energized, and ready to learn.

Raqs Tiki Kauai Belly Dance Intensive
September 10, 11, 12 & 13, 2020
Join us for an amazing adventure of dance, fun, adventure and relaxation on the lush garden isle of Kauai.
Master Instructors Issam Houshan, David of Scandanavia,   Crystal Ravenwolf, Surreyya Hada, and Talia Soleil will lead 9 workshops.
We also have a Glittering Showcase with the Featured Artists, and special guests. Maharet Christina Hughes will be taking photos during the showcase, as well as doing a location photo shoot with you in a beautiful, tropical setting. 
A wonderful luau experience and many adventures are available to add on to your Kauai trip. Please join us!
We are excitied to align ourselves with the wonderfu Kaua'i Humane Society. Please help us raise funds for this worthy cause by joining us at the Raqs Tiki Glittering Showcase 2020!